"The thing that I got out of this program this year was how to become a more responsible person. I learned about accountability. I learned things and sayings that really made me start thinking how I am gonna CHANGE! It teaches me to grow up and show people that I am not the person they think I am. I learned strategies to keep my grades up in the years I am going to school. I also learned life lessons valuable to start a better future in my life."

​Chris B. 9th Grade

Parent Engagement

​Social Emotional Learning

The cornerstone of improving student performance is improving parent engagement.  More parental involvement is something teachers, students, principals, and even parents want.  However, most schools have not seen much success.   Regardless of a parent’s circumstances and history, we believe and research has shown with the right interventions parents can change their behaviors in relationship to their child’s education.  Learn more about how the My Higher Self innovative Parent Engagement programs can support your parents, teachers, and students. 

Imagine how much more powerful your SEL curriculum could be if you added a mentoring component. What makes all of our programs different and effective is that we partner with your organization at a personal level by having our dedicated team of charismatic facilitators serve as mentors for the students in their groups.  We handpick each mentor/facilitator based off their character, charisma, and connection to youth.  We take the workload off of your teachers.  Our team receives expert training in content, facilitation techniques, and life coaching skills.  You will provide your students access to world class coaching and mentoring.   Learn more about how to get one of our coaches at your school. 


My Higher Self has created a new model for Social Emotional Learning (SEL) to support schools in their mission to empower the whole student.  We understand that schools and teachers need to focus on the academic development of our students. Our SEL programs provide the additional support research shows students need to develop into their authentic selves and operate at their full potential. Learn more about our Social Emotional Learning Programs.

Mentor - led Programs